Youngman – Insomniac

Youngman – Insomniac

Posted On: September 12, 2013
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Digital Soundboy’s Resident crooner Youngman delivers and delivers big with his hot new single ‘Insomniac’.

Mostly know for his friendship and collaborations with dubstep pioneer Benga this vocalist has been quiet for a hot minute and I was quite curious as to what he was going to surface with, and with ‘Insomniac’ he has not disappointed.

Opting for a deep minimal downtempo number, we are treated to tales of the life of a touring musician suffering from sleep deprivation and travelling from country to country living in airports.

With mutual friend of the Magnetic Man crew Sam Frank on the buttons, we get great atmospheric production, vocal treatment and a collaboration from what I would call the next wave of artists to spring forth from the dubstep fountain.

The sound is very reminiscent of the Toronto R&B ala The Weeknd and Drake but with a distinctly english feel something Sam Frank would be bringing lashings of and something I feel has been missing on these shores considering the levels of music cross pollination that happens on these shores.

Digital Soundboy seems to be making all the right moves with their development of Youngman and I look forward to the next phase in his career.

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I can’t get no sleep.~K

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