Virus Syndicate ft. Ndege – Sick Wid It

Virus Syndicate ft. Ndege – Sick Wid It

Posted On: February 5, 2014
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Jheeeez, Manchester is on a ting right about now just yesterday I was vibing of Bugzy Malone sick flows now Virus Syndicate is back with a monster tune ‘Sick Wid It’ this has to be by far my favourite banger my DJ Mark One, Goldfinger, JSD and Nika D and featuring the glossy tones of Ndege.

Thundering in with apocalyptic drums and spine chilling keys ‘Sick Wid it’ is pure end of the world Trap/Grime the drums are so heavy they verge on ridiculous, on a few occasions I swear I felt my kidneys shift position.

Ndege on the hook is a masterstroke as her soaring vocals give you the lift just before you are dunked into that epic sub bass drop.

Fresh of the back of their Karateman mixtape with Jaguar Skills and with their 3rd studio album ‘The Swarm’ on the way I can’t help but think that after 10 years in the game the Virus Syndicate are just hitting their stride going from Grime/Dubstep to just all out Trap/Bass/EDM monsters.

I am quite convinced this next instalment is going to be even grander than the others.

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Datsik ~K



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