The Fourth Kind – 3.33

The Fourth Kind – 3.33

Posted On: March 12, 2012
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Toxin, Kr4zy, Driftos, Conz, Syfa, Scarz, Soun’wave & Secaina aka The Fourth Kind are back with a new smasher ‘3.33’. I love the fact that these dudes have their own trademark sound (big ups Soun’wave for some nang production) and solid lyrics and flows. I have been following these guys for a long time and the more I hear the more hyped I get. The Fourth Kind are definitely on the rise and ‘3.33’ is a call to arms for the uninitiated, someone get these guys on the festival circuit this summer because after that it game over.

UPDATE: DOWNLOAD 3.33 LP from here >><<

3 is the Magic Number. K

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