salyu x salyu – Jibun Ga Inai

salyu x salyu – Jibun Ga Inai

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Performing under many guises Salyu x Salyu aka Lily Chou Chou born as Ayako Mori is a J Pop artist specialising in a strange but enchanting blend of Electronica, Jazz, Classical Fusion mostly sung in Japanese occasionally punctuated with english phrases.

Discovered quite by chance I finally got round to watching the new Ghost In A Shell ARISE series and as the credits start to roll at the end of Border 1 you have this chopped up vocal and the looped phrases slowly form an enchanting melody underpinned by squelchy bass synths.

This was my second introduction to Cornelius solo project of Keigo Oyamada, the first had been the opening theme of Ghost in a shell and although I was struck by the excellence of the soundtrack the outro was what finally grabbed my attention.

I had no idea there was such a progressive Electronica movement in Japan and the work by regular collaborators salyu x salyu and Cornelius is simple awe inducing there is a real understanding of soundscapes, atmosphere and texture and their creation reminds me of the first time I heard Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek.

Stunning stuff.

Frou Frou.~K


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