Raf Riley – Now That’s What I Call Gangster Beats!!

Raf Riley – Now That’s What I Call Gangster Beats!!

Posted On: February 21, 2013
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Odd Child Trap heavyweight producer Raf Riley releases a Free download EP of ridiculous beats. This dude is a beat powerhouse and It is now clear why Labrinth chose to sign him to Odd Child.

Right from the start we have the intro with a guitar shortly followed by the hard hitting clattering breaks of ‘Wunn’ which will have all the old skool hip hop heads furiously head nodding a frenzy.

Followed up by the double time hats and 808s of ‘Super Raf’ another out and out head nodder. Things get really interesting with the majestic digital horn laden beats of ‘King Henry’s Hustle’.

Next we have the Grime/Trap sounds of ‘Gunshot’ with its frenzied rave synths and pitched vocals you would be hard pushed not to to go buck wild in a club once this drops.

To finish things of we have the Chiptune head nodder ‘The Liquidator’ which I can only describe as 21st Century G Funk, this is the sort of beat you would expect to hear bumping in slammed Honda Civics with Nos tanks floating down the streets of LA on a cloud of dry ice and purple UV lights.

Raf has excelled himself on this one and it only serves to get me hyped about what’s to come from Odd Child.

Download ‘Raf Riley – Now That’s What I Call Gangster Beats’ from: http://www.rafriley.com/ even if you are not a trap fan it deserves a download just for the EP artwork alone.

Its the G Funk Era. ~K

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