P-Square – Personally

P-Square – Personally

Posted On: July 24, 2013
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Naija Brothers Paul and Peter Okoye otherwise know as P-Square are leaders in the African music industry and with their infectious Afrocentric anthems and their superb choreography and dance finesse it is clear why all releases by this duo is eagerly anticipated.

‘Personally’ is not just one of the best Afrobeat tunes I have heard it is the future of Pop and R&B and so long as P-Square are able to deliver this finely calibrated blend of African flavoured Hip Hop/R&B riddims then trust me it’s all over.

Paul and Peter take every opportunity in this video to show off their MJ-esque moves, in fact the video is entirely and ode to Michael Jackson with a comical take on the zero gravity boots at the end.

‘Personally’ stands solidly on its own as well as being a well crafted tribute to one of the greatest artists of all time and for it to have come out of West Africa only serves to put a large grin on my face. The soul never died it just changed locations.

Man in the Mirror.~K


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