Nate ft. Cyclonious & Jalex – Africa

Nate ft. Cyclonious & Jalex – Africa

Posted On: January 27, 2012
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The Multi headed hydra that is the Peoples Army has revealed another head. Nate is a concious lyricist like most of the Peoples Army he is tackling the tough topics not being covered by the current crop of bait MC’s out there who would rather worship the Illuminated Brotherhood and their paper god than discuss the plundering of the continent which brought forth the first civilisations. Nate, Cyclonious and Jalex write this ode to Africa which is the land of great resources but severely under developed and war torn and they attempt to school us on the reality’s of what is happening on this forgotten continent.

From the mixtape ‘Make It Happen’ Download it here for FREE:

Africa Unite. K


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