Metallica celebrate 30 years with new EP “Beyond Magnetic”

Metallica celebrate 30 years with new EP “Beyond Magnetic”

Posted On: January 18, 2012
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This week Heavy Metal stalwarts Metallica announced the forthcoming CD and vinyl release of their new extended play “Beyond Magnetic”. The four track collection comes as the San Fransisco thrashers celebrate their 30th anniversary.

The band has cited this as a companion piece to their last solo release Death Magnetic, with the songs all recorded at the same sessions for the 2008 album. The songs are a return in sound for fans who prefer conventional metal after the left-field departure with the 2011 Lou Reed collaboration Lulu.

It would be easy to dismiss the songs on Beyond Magnetic as tracks which would have just been used as single b-sides in years gone past, but listened to together the songs stand up for themselves. Death Magnetic itself was billed as a “bridge” album in sound between the 1988 album And Justice For All and the 1990 release Metallica – this is a perfect companion record too in one way – it’s stripped back sound, evokes a sound of bridge in styles between the pounding raw riffs of 2003’s St Anger and the introspective blues-metal of the mid 90s albums Load and Re-Load. The songs share some themes of raw emotions over episodic journeys with a touch of wistfulness.

The songs debuted over a four night intimate setting at the Fillmore concert hall in the bands home town of San Fransisco, with each new track being played on successive nights. Singer and guitarist James Hetfield spoke about the songs, with some of them being too long and some just not fitting into Death Magnetic, but still liking them – and the crowd seemed to enjoy them too. The tracks were accompanied by a selection of classic hits, rarities and collaborations with some famous stars including Black Sabbaths Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler, members of Diamond Head and Mercyful Fate (who had not played together since 1993), Rob Halford, Saxons Biff Byford, Kid Rock, Marianne Faithful, Glenn Danzig, Animal from the Anti-Nowhere League and Jerry Cantrell. Every living former member of Metallica also appeared : Jason Newsted who appeared on every night, former original bassist Ron McGovney, Lloyd Grant and wonder of wonders original lead guitarist, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth who overcame past frictions to blast through five songs from Metallicas 1981 debut album Kill Em All.

Beyond Magnetic is available from January 30th in shops, and for download from iTunes now.


1. Hate Train
2. Just A Bullet Away
3. Hell And Back
4. Rebel Of Babylon

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