Makala Cheung – Bristol Beat

Makala Cheung – Bristol Beat

Posted On: September 11, 2013
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Makala Cheung aka Lady K has been on the grind for a hot minute, dropping EP after EP the most recent being the Butterfly EP which features the infectious hook driven ‘Canton Hop’ which pays homage to her Eastern Asian origins. ‘Bristol Beat’ follows the homage trend this time to her home town and West Country’s progressive music centre Bristol.

The career of this Knowle West Girl is now shaping up nicely and her ethereal electronic bass sound is now ready for delivery as a Long Player ‘River’ which is due for release on Chinese New Year 2014.

I wouldn’t say Makala Cheung is the finished article yet, but from the development evident from her EPs you can here her sound maturing and I am more intrigued with everything I hear, the album I trust will be the proof of concept.

But at a time where there are so many cookie cutter acts even those trying to be different, I feel Makala has hit on to something unique here and I can’t wait for it to bloom.

Download The Butterfly EP from here:

Its the beat. ~K

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