Makala Cheung – Caught Up

Makala Cheung – Caught Up

Posted On: April 23, 2014
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One of the most innovative artists out of Bristol Makala Cheung releases my favourite single from her debut album ‘River’, ‘Caught Up’ and the video is a stroke of genius.

Taking its stylistic cues of popular Japanese horror series ‘The Ring’ Makala goes all Sadako with the non descript white robe and and long dark hair over the face in the woods as she sings about being lovestruck and about her infatuation.

The songwriting and vocal perfomance on ‘Caught Up’ is by far one of Makala’s strongest to date and the dark R&B Pop production with oriental and bass underpinnings are blended to perfection here.

All this combined with the Ringu (or The Ring) inspired video just cements everything I have been saying about Makala to date, this chick is on the rise and she is highly creative and has all the ingredients for greatness.

More of this please, serious loving it. :)

Download Makala Cheung – River from iTunes:…

Caught Out There ~ K

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