Magnetic Man – Perfect Stranger feat. Katy B

Magnetic Man – Perfect Stranger feat. Katy B

Posted On: July 23, 2010
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I have already devoted enough time telling you all how awesome Magnetic Man is but it seems I forgot to tell you all they are on an the next tip. They are perfecting vocal dubstep. I know what you are going to say vocals have been in dubstep for days, but what they are doing here is fusing songwriting vocals and dubstep an entirely different beast. With Katy B piping hot at the moment off the back of ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Katy on a Mission’ it’s becoming more apparent that Katy has been spending time with the Magnetic Boys (sorry Men) and they have been crafting some bangers. I m quite certain more will be revealed when the Magnetic Man album is released on the 4th October, or when the Katy B album appears because I have little doubt there is one on the way.

If the popularity of ‘Katy on a Mission’ and ‘I need Air’ continues into the charts then a new era of dubstep will truely be upon us.

Skream + Benga + Artwork + Katy B = Nang Everytime.


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