M.I.A – Born Free

M.I.A – Born Free

Posted On: June 15, 2010
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Now here is a video that needs no introduction, already on the fast track to notoriety Romain Gavras pulls no punches here with a visual assault on you eyeballs from the get go. From the gratuitous overweight couple fumbling about half naked to the old man getting high, all of it is designed to shock and it’s the very reason many people are up in arms about it. I like to consider if from a different perspective which is, all these things are happening right now in many places around the planet and we all collectively do nothing so what’s there to be shocked about.

Yes there are exploding Ginger folk and a kid gets shot in a rather brutal manner, if you stop seething at the fact that someone has dared to expose your eyeballs to an alternate reality where Redhead folk are the dare I say it “terrorists” or “insurgents” of the world then you realize this is just a social commentary on the numerous ethnic races being wiped out by others around the planet all for the sake of capitalism.


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