Jhene Aiko – Sail Out

Jhene Aiko – Sail Out

Posted On: May 14, 2014
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This review has been long overdue, Jhene Aiko has delivered what is in my humble opinion a near perfect R&B EP in ‘Sail Out’. Taking musical cues from Drake’s ‘Take Care’ and The Weeknds ‘Trilogy’ and ‘Kissland’ (a near perfect R&B album imho) we get a solid 7 tracks of smoked out codeine soaked bliss all killer no filler.

Usually I would do a track by track breakdown of what I like and don’t like but in this rare case we have an EP which is so cohesive I find it hard to pick apart, right from the beginning Jhene sets a tone and the rest of the EP follows like a movie playing itself out.

There are the moments of loved up bliss, loneliness, anxiety, anger, death, betrayal, drug induced haze and perseverance over adversity in fact there doesn’t seem to be an emotional arch that Ms Aiko doesn’t experience or cover at some point in this journey.

The musical relationship between Jhene and producer Fisticuffs and No I.D. is clearly central to the resounding cohesion with their futuristic take on Neo Soul/R&B and Jhene’s honesty is a critical ingredient in to why ‘Sail Out’ is the banger it is. I am relatively anxious that with Jhene having given so much here that here forthcoming album ‘Souled Out’ will prove to be a bit underwhelming.

However it could still prove to be even more powerful than ‘Sail Out’, so long as she doesn’t decide to do a Drake and fix what didn’t need fixing (‘Take Care’ = Innovative, Groundbreaking, Different  to ‘Nothing Was the Same’ = Much the Same as Everyone Else ) then it should be amazing.

Personally I think Ms Aiko absolutely kills everyone out there with ‘WTH’ which has got to rank as one of the most perfect depictions of drug induced euphoria commited to song ever heard complete with Alice in Wonderland analogies.

Topping it all off with ‘Comfort Inn Ending Freestyle’ Jhene bares her soul on a failed love affair and being vulnerable due to her brothers cancer and subsequent death. In a world where most R&B artists are still too afraid to get personal this is ground breaking.

This EP has found itself firmly in my all time top tier selection and now I have an eye locked on Jhene Aiko for her forthcoming ‘Souled Out’ album.

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Sail Away ~ K




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