Jammer – Living The Dream

Jammer – Living The Dream

Posted On: October 2, 2013
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On a serious Jammer vibe right now, I just got round to listening to his second studio album ‘Living The Dream’ and I can’t seem to take it off rotation, it is a serious piece of work.

Gone is the quirky fun loving Murkle Man what we get now is a seasoned veteran of the Grime scene and the results are a proper bit of grown up grime.

Starting from the ‘Intro’ Jammer makes a statement of intentions very clear while talking very honestly about how he felt when he got arrested on NYE and trying to focus on family and health rather than get get sucked into the Money and Fame, I was sold right there as it became clear that unlike what happened to US Hip hop if UK MC’s follow Jammer’s example of being honest about their lives then things could be very different.

Now interestingly enough I find ‘Living the Dream’ to be an album of two halves, from the Intro till the track 5 ‘Big Man’ you have the quintessential Grime bangers, a track like ‘Fat Boys’ is a straight head nodder with a catchy and amusing Murkle Man type hook, following on from there you get ‘Decline’ which is an out and out club smasher with its super sized hook, rumour has it that Snakeyman was the victim getting  his card Deeeeeeeeeeeclinnne!

All of this culminates into the posse cut that is ‘Big Man’ which I am sure everyone has heard multiple times by now, the penultimate garage grime anthem, featuring the powerhouse vocals of Viper, JME, Scratchy, B Live, Lay Z, Sox and the mighty Flow Dan.

Now when we get to Mind, Body and Soul the tone changes and Jammer gets deep with one of the finest road anthems to date, but for me that is the beginning as that is followed up with ‘Fast Life’ which features Lay Z and Skepta firing on all cylinders.

‘Living the Dream’ is essentially the peak of a run of straight bangers and deep rollers, before Jammer shifts gears to ‘Live Like Family’ which is a shout out to all the Man dem, a salute to all the other MC’s who have been on this journey with him.

Living the Dream is a solid Grime album and I am glad Jammer is leading the charge in tackling subjects broader than just making P and being a badman, I really hope some of the next wave are taking notes because if you are an artist and you are not challenging yourself then what the are you doing.

Sterling work from one of the God fathers of the Grime scene.


Dreams can come true.~K



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