Ivy & Gold – Eye of the Storm EP Teaser

Ivy & Gold – Eye of the Storm EP Teaser

Posted On: April 29, 2014
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Rachel Wilkinson and Jamie Davies are Electro/Pop duo Ivy & Gold and I would go as far as to say the genre classification of Electro/Pop doesn’t do them justice, as this duo from Broxbourne Herts create some rather epic soundscapes which are suitably cinematic in nature.

The title track ‘Eye of the Storm’ layers brooding keys and soaring strings underpinning Rachel’s classically tinged vocals, this pretty much sets the tone for the EP.

‘Lions’ opts for a half time Trap inspired beat but with unique percussions and flanged hats which are a very novel idea I throughly approve of, this with the keys and vocals which all build into a suitably epic anthem.

One of my favourite tracks off this EP is ‘Love is Sacrifice’ the production is almost 90’s pop revival but there are some great moments with Rachels harmonies which I absolutely love, and the lyric ‘Love is a sacrifice but we know we are all sinners and lost souls’ is quite poignant statement.

Rounding off this 4 track EP with ‘Not Had Enough’ which is also another solid offering, Ivy & Gold have more than proved themselves in my eyes.

Their Live Session below was what closed the deal for me. Rachel has a great quality to her voice and Jamie is wizard on the boards and the Keys and between the 2 of them they are melting genre boundaries and writing some ground breaking music.

Ghosts (Live Session) by Ivy & Gold

Also they are giving away tracks from their EP with any purchase from their online store so go get some merchandise and music from here ivyandgoldofficial.com

Riders on a Storm ~ K

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