Ghetts – REBEL

Ghetts – REBEL

Posted On: February 6, 2014
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Whether you know him as Ghetts, Ghetto or J Clarke, you would be hard pushed to find another UK artist who has had an audience chomping at the bit for the release of a debut album ‘Rebel With A Cause #RWAC’, and with the first single ‘Rebel’ out of the gates the time is almost here for the man who is considered to be the embodiment of Grime.

At 5 epic mixtapes deep, a Grimedaily anthem (my personal favourite apart from Artillery), almost 10 years in the game and considered to be one of the the most highly rated MCs Ghetts is well overdue a debut.

Time and time again he has dropped killer bars and also one of the most poignant spoken word verses on Channel 4’s Random Acts, but I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing that his debut album has taken this long to come about.

I feel in the last 10 years of the Grime scene many people got signed, compromised their sound and jumped ship and Ghetts is one of the few who have stayed the course.

From ‘The Cypher’ Teaser where Ghetts essentially clashes his alter egos Ghetto and J Clake I knew there was something special on the way. ‘Rebel’ has pretty much closed the deal for me, all I can do now is wait for the 10th March release date and wait for shit to pop off.

This could well be the most significant UK release of 2014.

Order Ghetts – Rebel With A Cause #RWAC

I’m a Renegade ~K

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