Breaking News: Grimedaily Gets Shut down by Youtube!

Breaking News: Grimedaily Gets Shut down by Youtube!

Posted On: June 17, 2011
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Ok so earlier this evening I thought I would just re watch a few videos that I had posted earlier, so I go to watch Roxxxan feat. L & Benny Banks – Tear and a message comes up saying that the users account has been suspended. So I think to myself this can’t be right thats Grimedaily. Well after checking out other Grimedaily hosted videos and hitting Twitter it appears that my worst fears have been confirmed and they have been taken down. Apparently Scorchers new video had some dude or dudes waving knives about, and that was the last straw.

Now I can already hear the heads freaking out yell that the government is shutting us down and all that but remember this is Youtube which is Google a private corporation  shutting you down and its down to breaching their terms and conditions ie what they Term as glorifing violence. Now  don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they are right either not by a long shot as they are happy to host a multitude of  videos which I personally think glorify violence, any Army recruitment does that (see above video).

What I’m essentially saying is that Grime artists need to learn from the what the Hip hop scene went through with the whole ‘Gangster Rap’ scenario where Hip hop became associated with negativity sold shit loads and now is guilty of creating a generation who’s values are centered around how hard you are and how much money you can throw at a screen so we don’t repeat that same bullshit in UK. So if you grew up around violence don’t just fixate on that use that as a catalyst to move up and get something positive going. If like Scorcher you are on a major and you are moving up you don’t need to start trying to prove how hood you are. I spent a fair while sleeping on the floor of my Aunts house in Tulse Hill and now I have moved up and now I have my own yard but I don’t feel the need to keep on going on about it.

If you are Google yeah sure you have terms and conditions but exercise some restraint, by all means take down offending videos but and work something out but don’t just shut down one of the most important youth media collectives to have sprung up in a long time. Start by shutting down all the Army Recruitment Videos because those guys train teenagers to be killing machines and to indiscriminately  destroy countries and entire populations of people. Grimedaily posts videos by countless artists who write positive music so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

So I think its time for all of us to wise up, and get organised. One of best friends brother was a victim of knife crime and that was nothing to hype up about. So put that shit away. Let start educating the youths about the power of corporations, brands, armies and what they really do and most of all the real thing that keeps us from getting free and that is the monetary system.

The Revolution is Now. K

Read Grimedailys statement here


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