Ayanna Witter-Johnson – A Single Sun [SBTV A64]

Ayanna Witter-Johnson – A Single Sun [SBTV A64]

Posted On: April 10, 2014
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Every now and again an artist puts on a performance which is completely and utterly jaw dropping and for my dear friend Ayanna Witter-Johnson the time is now.

Ayanna delivers what is probably the finest A64 for SBTV I have as yet come across and even though I am fully aware of what she is capable off even I was surprised. Starting off to her own self provided plucked cello rhythm she flows effortlessly between simultaneous cello plucking and bowing and singing until at about 1.45 where we slow pan out and she then transistions to piano while still singing.

But it doesn’t stop there she follows that up by rapping while playing and piano and keeping beat on the cello! By the end she has discarded the bow and has picked up the cello and is strumming it like a guitar!

Ayanna my love you have well and truly killed it, and I for one am proud to know you.

Follow Ayanna Witter-Johnson on Twitter : https://twitter.com/AyannaWJ

You can also check out the interview shot I did with Ayanna a while back


Let the Sun Shine ~ K

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