Ayanna Witter-Johnson – Black Panther

Ayanna Witter-Johnson – Black Panther

Posted On: November 29, 2013
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Back in October 2012 we did an Interview Shot of our good friend Ayanna Witter-Johnson, at the time she was busy promoting her ‘Truthfully EP’ and living inbetween New York and London working with the likes of Marc Mac of 4Hero and The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

Now she is back with her new EP ‘Black Panther’ and the title track is as smooth as butter melting over a warm croissant.

Unlike many of her contemporaries Ayanna is a highly skilled multi instrumentalist, songwriter and producer in her own right which makes her a force to be reckoned with.

With a pair of solid EP’s showcasing her talent its also abundantly clear that she is being very judicious with her material releasing the choice cuts rather than the deluge of mediocrity favoured by a lot of the current crop of artists.

She is what I would describe as a unicorn a rare breed of musician currently on the wane in this age of rapid development and burnt out, it is rather refreshing to have an artist of her calibre on the scene and I eagerly await her long player.

You can get your copy of ‘Black Panther’ from the link below.


Sound of Blackness ~K

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