Anex – Heartbeat EP

Anex – Heartbeat EP

Posted On: June 20, 2014
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Mindstep Music releases Anex’s glorious Heartbeat EP, which is 5 tracks of sweet deep dubstep. Hailing from the land of Robin Hood, Jon aka Anex is carrying the torch for Drum & Bass and Dubstep in Nottingham.

Kicking of with the title track ‘Heartbeats’ which has echoes of  90’s Hip Hop all over it from the beautiful piano loop over the breakbeat to the tight low end keeping your head nodding. The second track ‘Mal’ is full on immersive deep dubstep with a bass line that wraps around you like a warm duvet on a cold day keeping you safe and snug.

My personal favourite however is ‘Breather’ that spine tingling synth and that tight bass coupled with some lovely skippy hats makes this a joy to fling on repeat. One thing I have definitely noticed is that Anex has mastered the art of the atmospheric, deep and bouncy track which is very evident on the track ‘Raise’.

Trashbat however ups the deep and bouncy ante with the remix of ‘Mal’ which has so much skip and bounce it almost verges on UK Garage. This is a solid release for a dubstep producer to watch and another stellar offering from Mindstep.

Beat that my Heart Skipped ~ K

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