Posted On: June 11, 2010

Hi I m Kwame and I m a web designer and music producer. Aside from playing with Photoshop and Ableton, I love to surf the Internet for awesomeness. My musical pallette is currently skewed towards Dubstep and Electronica at the moment but I grew up on Hip hop, House and Drum & Bass and I have always had a space in my heat for a bit of Grime.

But let’s not split hairs here, frankly I love everything even Ambient bleeps and I’m a bit of an information junkie so any new knowledge or cool ass technology will get my attention. My intention is to post the stuff that I feel is seriously worth a viewing. If I slack please forgive me I m also a Dad of two.



P.s Did I also mention that I love anime & cartoons? You might see some of those as well. ^_^