Krissi B feat. Laura Lou – I Want U

Krissi B feat. Laura Lou – I Want U

Posted On: December 11, 2013
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Manchester producer Krissi B drops a sweet little 2 Step Garage number ‘I Want U’ featuring Laura Lou out of Birmingham.

With the smooth ethereal tones of Laura Lou, shuffling garage/house beats, a bubbly piano break and a solid UKG bassline, Krissi B has produced a summer anthem that has just hit the shelves at the wrong time.

Fledgling label Kiosk Records has packed the single with a collection of varying Garage/Bassline focused remixes to ensure it’s floor smasher potential, while the catchy chorus is destined to have a gaggle of pre pubescent girls singing along while they plaster themselves in cheap make up in a desperate bid to rave with the big girls.

‘I Want U’ is a solid 4/4 garage banger channeling the vibe of Sunship, The Wideboys and Bump & Flex to name a few but with a contemporary twist. It would seem that Salfords bubbling bassline scene may overflow into what could be the catalyst for a UKG Revival.

What You Want ~ K


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