Rob Sparx – Babylonian EP

Rob Sparx – Babylonian EP

Posted On: July 2, 2013
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Dubstep pioneer Rob Sparx is back with an impeccable slice of seminal dubstep. In this climate of top line dubstep which has long lost its dub roots and is now almost Electro Metal the likes of Rob is much appreciated.

The Babylonian EP opens with the a killer Rob Sparx VIP of Symbiz Sound with Singin’ Gold on vocal duties and it is pure retro dubstep, I felt I had been teleported to 2008.

Keeping with the retro dubstep vibe is the second track ‘Look’ which is skank heavy number with a solid sub bass to keep your head nodding.

On ‘Prayer for Life’ we get a classic rolling bassline, large ambient synths, ethereal vocals and soaring strings. This is one epic tune and my fear is that the current generation are not going to appreciate the shear glory of this thundering floor smasher.

Finishing with the dubby vibes of Dubstitutes on the ‘Fall of Babylon’ this is an EP harking back to the peak of dubstep, the time where it was evolving at a rate of knots but still grounded in dub and sub bass. I for one miss those days and I hope this we serve as a reminder of the roots that are being lost.



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