Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)

Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)

Posted On: March 11, 2013
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Creating a rave anthem out of a rave anthem is no easy task so when Dillon Francis takes 90’s seminal anthem ‘Cloud 9 – You Got Me Burnin‘ Up’ and flips it into a moombahcore floor smasher you have to doff your hat as a mark of respect. However Dillon and his Mad Decent squad do one better and supply this superb banger with a video which is the equivalent of 80 caps of mushies washed down with 5 shots of absinthe.

I am still not sure what I have watched but I am compelled to watch it repeatedly. Dillon Francis has just merked the riddim  if you don’t know now you know.


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