ChetMega – New Sound

ChetMega – New Sound

Posted On: January 24, 2013
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Bristol MC ChetMega of Rap Rock outfit VTKTM breaks out with his super fresh solo offering ‘New Sound’ a bass heavy, bleepy synthed dubstep rave banger with Chet spitting some sick flows over the top.

Chet is clearly well versed in the art of delivering hard hitting lyrics and I couldn’t help but crack a smile at some of the lines he delivers. I hadn’t come across his Rock band VTKTM (Visions To Kill The Mainstream) so I had a bit listen and they making some pretty good rock, kinda reminded me of Soundgarden with a dash of Rage against the Machine. ChetMega appears to be a highly versatile MC and if his rallying call for a ‘New Sound’ is the direction he is heading in then my ears are peeled for the next installment.

My only gripe is the slight american flow he slips into every now and again, not that I am a purist as I grew up as a UK MC  with US Hip Hop as an influence and I found that the accent issue can put you in a no man’s land between UK and the US. With each side having it’s own distinct brand of verbage which are usually held as badges of honour,  in my experience artists traversing the two tend to find acceptance by either side difficult.

That said ChetMega is a new breed of MC and has an intensity and wit in his lyrical ability and rides those dutty beats like a savage.

Sound of the Underground.~K

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