Bungle – Astral Travel

Bungle – Astral Travel

Posted On: January 29, 2013
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Requested by D&B pioneer Marcus Intalex to create a no limitations, no pressure tune for Soul:R Records, Brazilian D&B producer Bungle took the brief and ran with it to create an atmospheric liquid roller of a tune which Marcus is describing as the best release there has been on Soul:R for a long time and I am inclined to agree.

Astral Travel is simply stunning the last time I felt like this about a tune was when I first heard D Bridge’s City of Lonely Runaways and very few tunes since then have hit the mark quite so satisfactory. The simple atmospheric pads, the rolling bassline, the clean and tight drums, this is a masterclass in Drum and Bass production.

On the AA side we have Aura which although playing second fiddle to Astral Travel still manages to stand by it’self as a solid piece of work. Bungle has definitely out done himself on this one, I can’t praise this release enough.

Mr Bungle. ~K

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