Skepta feat. Megaman – We Begin Things

Skepta feat. Megaman – We Begin Things

Posted On: December 3, 2012
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Jheeeeez, If you had told me last year that Mega was about to make a comeback on a collaboration with Skepta I probably would have shrugged my shoulders and continued spooning my rice  nonchalantly.

However the figureheads of Boy Better Know and So Solid have teamed up and the resulting bhanger (h is to emphasis the heavyweight nature of said banger) is ‘We Begin Things’ which has all the elements you know and love from Mega the melodic rhymes and fast flows catchphrases and hooks and the grime hardness we absolutely love from Skepta.

This was the first time in the last 10 years I have heard a So Solid perfomance which I felt reflected the skills they blew up the scene with ‘You Don’t Know’ I am desperately wishing there is more where this came from as I felt a bit robbed with ‘2nd Verse’ and the solo efforts. They are still the godfathers of grime and as Mega displays here they still have it.


Deeper Than This. ~K

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