Flosstradamus – Total Recall

Flosstradamus – Total Recall

Posted On: December 17, 2012
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Dutch Master’s Hardstyle (Donk) anthem ‘Recalled to Life’ gets remixed by Flosstradamus into one of the most epic Trap bangers I have heard in a good while.

Flosstradamus (Curt Cameruci aka Autobot and Josh Young aka J2K) have caught a lot of flack for their unauthorised use of the Dutch Master (Olaf Veldkamp) hard style anthem, but considering it is an epic tune and Olaf rejected branding the tune as ‘Flosstradamus Remix’ for their free EP on Mad Decent Jeffree label it It seems that it is up to the internet to decide the fate of this tune.

I only have scant information on the whole story but from my perspective, as it is a free download you really can’t get arsey with Floss as they are not profiting apart from promotionally and if you won’t give permission then it’s your failure as a creative to appreciate when someone has given your work a new lease of life.

We are getting to crunch point where we are going to need to recognize that creativity is not from any one indvidual but it is a culmination of influences and experiences, in the the same way Apple did not create the mouse, the mp3 player or the mobile phone however they were instrumental in creating a new lease of life for these devices, so we shall find that the Showtek Brothers and Dutch Master may have gained increase popularity due to being presented to a larger audience by Flosstradamus sampling them.


Recall, Recall, Recall. ~K

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