Tanya Lacey – Head Chef EP

Tanya Lacey – Head Chef EP

Posted On: October 22, 2012
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Sorry peeps but my output is mad slow at the moment due to health issues but, not being able to see is not going to stop me from posting banging tunes.

Singer/ Songwriter and co-writer of Will.iam’s -T.H.E. ( The Hardest Ever) Tanya Lacey drops her EP Head Chef and it is a solid listen. There is no doubt this talented beauty is packing some vocal weaponry and is potentially a young Mary J Blige in the making.

Bristol born Lacey slipped through the gaps post label reshuffle at Sony after the release of her debut  single ‘Letter to My Ex/ Born to Fly’ and decided to take matters into her own hands self publishing her 7 track EP. Drawing from Soul, R&B, Ragga, Drum & Bass and Electro Tanya delivers a multi cultural mash up of an EP to delightful effect and she spits some ill flows too for good measure.

I am thoroughly pleased she didn’t let a label reshuffle stunt her career.

Tanya Lacey – Head Chef EP Sampler

Tanya Lacey – Greatness/Don’t Know Why


Tanya Lacey – Head Chef EP on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/head-chef/id569498984


Raekwon the Chef.~K

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