Prowla feat. Tre Mission – 2:45AM

Prowla feat. Tre Mission – 2:45AM

Posted On: October 9, 2012
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UK Grime MC Prowla has been rocking it in The Rockies for a hot minute or should I say Toronto. Prowla and Tre lay waste to this super hard beat by Teeza with tales of late night studio sessions and getting super high writing bars. Aside from the riddim being dutty as hell its good to hear a the juxtaposition of Prowla’s UK accent and flow against Tre’s Canadian flows.

It’s cases like this which illustrate that there a is a future coming where these flows and styles will happily sit next to each other. Tre initially seem to be a lone voice of Grime from Toronto now it looks increasing like there might be a small movement which may require some further research.

Hello Good Morning. ~K

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